Our Mission

We want to keep your business risk free with our world-leading DDoS protection, data loss protection and cyber security with our managed IT services.

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IT managed service and Cyber Security with Experienced Staff of Engineers provide you with optimal IT experience

BICC is providing cyber security and managed IT services around the world: Malaysia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Australia. All our cyber security experts are internationally renowned researchers and awarded in data analytics & software development. We are experienced in data loss prevention (DLP), existent cyberwar, DDoS protection. Our data centre and hosting servers at no time failed with a DDoS attack, and it never went offline during cyber war. We offer 99.99% DDoS-free server (web, email, Data centre) uptime to all our clients.

Machine-learning classification to detect zero-day threats in near real time
Advanced antimalware and antivirus protection
Proactive web security to ensure safe browsing on the web
Data loss prevention to prevent data loss and exfiltration
Integrated firewall to block hostile network attacks
Actionable threat forensics
Insider threat protection to safeguard against unintentional and malicious actions
Best Networking & Security Solutions
Affordable managed IT services and Security Packages
Business planning and data analysis
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Our core Features

Cyber security, data security, Office 365, Google cloud, IT managed service: provide all sorts of IT software and hardware like computers, printers, networking, data centre, email server hosting, web hosting, domain registration, web development, software development, Business data analysis, business sale growth and target customer analysis.

Security Solutions

Threat prevention products, Advance end protection, Zero trust security, Antivirus and Malware protection, Ransomware, Penetration Test, Vulnerability test, Data base encryption, DNS filtering, Mobile device encryption, Two factor authentication, Application whitelisting, Data loss prevention, Cyber awareness training.

Managed IT Services

Computer, Computer equipment’s, Software, networking products, Network testing and monitoring, overseeing network security & risk mitigation, connectivity, and bandwidth, providing data storage, managing installations and upgrades, suggesting and implementing software patches, providing web hosting, network provisioning or virtualization, performance monitoring and reporting, providing help desk technical support.

Business Solution And Data Analytics

Business Planning, Predictive analysis with latest machine learning and deep learning technology to secure more business clients, market analysis, identify, analyze, and executed new and potential features in the product, collect and analyse data on established and prospective customers, competitors, and marketing channels and sources, prepare reports that interpret consumer behaviour on business product and services, market opportunities and conditions, marketing results, trends, and investment levels.

Cloud Hosting

Domain, Web hosting, shared server, dedicated server, VPS hosting, domain control panel, SSL, WHMCS Module, bulk SMS, website development, software development and various IT related services, office automation, home server Setup, FTP server, Gaming Server.

Cyber Security

DDoS Protection

Strong Firewalls

Managed IT service

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We provide all of your business IT needs and the security your busienss needs. Our prices are trusted and affordable.

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